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During childhood, a lot of us yearn to grow up early. But as we grow up, childhood days seem the best days as there was less do’s and more time to spend with ourselves, family and friends. An average adult life of today is all about working around the clock, both physically and mentally. Forget about extracting time for family and friends, we hardly can manage little time for our own. Amidst handling bundles of responsibilities, meeting the deadlines, and endless meetings, we often feel overworked. Our mind and body screams for some peace, rest, and relaxation. To meet those needs, most of us consider going on vacations and holidays as the best solution. Yoga Retreat offers you this solution in the best and the most rejuvenating way possible.

The benefits of yoga retreats are not limited to rest and relaxation. It is a truly transformative experience. It is all about taking a pause, stepping back, peeping inwards, and rewarding yourself the treat of time out. Holidays are more about doing, but yoga retreats are about doing less and being more. Yoga retreats are a great way to rejuvenate the body and mind with yoga, meditation and nature. Coming on a yoga retreat, one goes back refreshed, renewed and re-inspired.

The motherland of yoga and Ayurveda, India offers some of the best yoga retreats in the globe. With so many ashrams and yoga courses, it is the dream destination for many yogis, tourists and spiritualists.

Attending yoga retreats in India helps gain clarity and awareness. It helps you seek the truth, and find the answers you have been searching for. Here are 5 important things about the best yoga retreats in India that will compel every yogi to pack their bags and head for India.

  1. Deep and Authentic Knowledge of Yoga: Being the birthplace of yoga, India has always been the attraction centre for yogis all around the globe. Thousands of years ago, yoga took birth here and since then, it has always been an integral part of its culture. In most parts of the globe, yoga is considered more of a physical workout. But in India, it is a religion that is deeply enrooted in our tradition and legacy. Attending yoga retreats in India gives the opportunity to gain an in-depth and authentic understanding of yoga practices, both theoretically and practically.
  2. Profound Guidance of traditional Yoga Gurus: The land of yoga is home to many renowned yoga masters of all time, such as K. Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S.Iyengar, etc. Coming on yoga tour in India gives the golden opportunity to be in the shelter and profound guidance of traditional, highly knowledgeable Indian yoga gurus who have been indulging in the yogic practices for several years and have devoted their entire life to yoga. They not only give an in-depth understanding of different aspects of yoga, but also endeavor to give important lessons on other key aspects of life.
  3. Scenic locations: India has superb natural beauty. From crystal clear beaches to awe-striking hill stations, and dazzling deserts, the country has great topographical diversity. Far away from the crowded metropolitan cities, best yoga retreats in India are offered at beautiful locations of sunny beaches, tranquil hills, mesmerizing setting of rivers and waterfalls, etc. Attending these retreats are the best way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and connect with nature on a deeper level. Immersing in yoga and meditative practices at majestic natural locations give innate joy and bliss. An ideal yoga vacation in India is the perfect opportunity to deepen yoga practice and explore the beauty of nature at a single cost.
  4. Ashram-like spiritual ambiance: Best yoga teacher training schools and yoga retreats in India are located far from the crowded metropolitan cities, at serene and scenic places. Peaceful surrounding, eye soothing views, gurus and yogis all around, and ontological healthy food, these centres offer a pure yogic experience.
  5. Easy on the Pocketbooks: Some of the best yoga getaways in India are also pocket-friendly compared to other premium yoga retreats in the world. Beautiful locations, peaceful surroundings, comfortable accommodation, delicious meals, relaxation and rejuvenation activities, deep knowledge of yoga under the profound supervision of skilled yoga teachers, everything is offered at reasonable price. Also, India is very cost-effective from all perspectives be it transportation, accommodation, delicious hygienic food, adrenaline adventure, etc.

Take a break from the stereotype and, develop a lifestyle of health and wellness with a yoga holiday in India.


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