The moment you think of a yoga retreat, images like beautiful scenery, clean fresh air, organic food, organic environment, spiritual preaching, mantra chanting, inspirational teachings, etc. probably start to circle your mind. And, we begin to ponder about those places where you can go on one of the most restorative yoga retreats in India where you can lives these images in real.                          

The next question arises – How to decide where to go and what to choose?

To help you arrive to an answer and a selection later on, those who are looking for the best yoga tour in India can keep a few pointers in mind. These pointers shall lead you to the most coveted yoga retreat destinations in India.

Natural Environment: A perfect yoga vacation should be ideally conducted in a natural environment where a yogi is surrounded by beautiful scenery, lush green forests, magnanimous mountains, soothing water bodies, etc. Hence, some of the best yoga tour destinations in India with the most beautiful and inspiring environment are undoubtedly, Rishikesh, Kerala, Mysore, Bangalore, Pondicherry and Goa.

On-Site Accommodation: In order to gain the most authentic and the ideal yogic experience, it is vital to dwell among fellow yogis and yoga gurus – live close to them, communicate with them, learn from them, practice with them, adapt to their lifestyle – experience the life of a true yogi. Yoga schools like Arsha Yoga Dham are well known for providing state-of-art on-site accommodation and an authentic yogic experience to all their yogis.

Ayurveda Meals: A complete Ayurveda diet is an essential part of the best yoga vacation packages in India. Without this, a yogi would not be able to physically devote themselves to the schedule and curriculum of the retreat which would eventually result in an incomplete, lumbering experience. Places like Yoga Dham do not only provide healthy Ayurveda meals to all its students, these meals are admirably delectable too.

Learn from well-practiced yoga teachers: When on a yoga tour, it is essential to learn from the best yoga teachers who can mentor you about the knowledge and practice of this wondrous art form. Hence, in order to be a part of the best yoga tours in India, it is essential that you book your package with a registered yoga school only – a yoga school that comes under RYS category. Yoga schools like Arsha Yoga Dham is one of the best yoga schools in India that fall under the RYS category.

Life’s teaching and philosophy classes are necessary: One of the most important attributes of the best yoga trips in India are the inspiring sessions on life’s teaching and philosophy classes that are essential for any yoga retreat program to be spiritually and mentally complete. Yoga schools like Arsha Yoga Dham are some of the yoga schools that host life’s teaching and philosophy classes as a vital part of their yoga retreat packages.

So, observe these pointers to select the ideal yoga retreat programs in India. And, find your way to make the most of it for yourself.


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