Like ‘Fashion’ is to ‘Delhi’, ‘Ayurveda’ is to Kerala, ‘Gardens’ is to ‘Bangalore’ – similarly, ‘Yoga’ is to ‘Rishikesh’. Whenever we plan an excursion or a long overdue trip with something preset in mind, the first thing we do is search for the place or the spot of which that ‘thing’ is a signature element.

The same series of research occurs when we desire to take a rejuvenating vacation — a yoga retreat. So, when we explore places where we can go on a relaxing yoga tour, which could be a better place than planning a tour to Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world itself?

For the same reason and for several more reasons, yoga retreats in Rishikesh are listed to be some of the best yoga retreat packages in the world.

To engage further in the above mentioned fact, let’s discuss the five most important reasons why Rishikesh tops the list of destinations for hosting the best yoga tours:

Practice yoga and live in the lap of nature: Situated in the scenic lap of Himalayas, Rishikesh is an epitome of mesmeric beauty, and soothing serenity. Surrounded by lush green mountains, circulated with clean fresh air – getting an opportunity to dwell and practice yoga in Rishikesh entails a dream-like experience.

Immerse yourself into soul-stirring mantra meditation by participating in the world famous Aarti: Feel eternal joy of mantra symphony and meditation by being a witness and an avid participant of the world famous ‘Aarti (prayer offering)’ by the side of holy river Ganges. Let your spirit come alive with the musical chanting of mantras. Let the sparkling light of diyas illuminate your soul. Feel the echo of mantras stir your soul.

Meditation by the holy river: Greet your spiritual self as you meditate along the bank of the most sacred water bodies on the planet Earth. Let your breath form a beautiful ballad with the sound of soothing water waves. Let the presence of these holy water bodies communicate with your soul. Feel blessed as you drench yourself mentally, physically and spiritually in the consecrated water waves of the magnificent river.

Learn from the world’s best yoga teachers: Learn and practice yoga from the most learned yogis. Being the homeland of yoga, Rishikesh has nurtured some of the best yoga gurus in the world with its roots and authenticity. Dwell with them, learn from them, and embrace the true yogic life.

Gain an authentic yogic experience: Being the homeland of yoga and being the spiritual destination of the world, Rishikesh provides a traveler with the most authentic yogic experience due to its roots, resources, knowledge, privilege and, of course, its ethereal environment.

So, if you are looking for a life-transforming experience that restores you mentally, physically and spiritually — plan your very own yoga tour to Rishikesh soon.

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