At the age of five, Swami Atma had a vision, when he was living in the nature, that how nature provides everything and gives so much happiness to all the human beings and why can’t we respect nature by knowing that we are also a part of the nature. So the dream was to have an organic village, where people are living in harmon, where children are growing up playing in mud and water, where we are being educated from nature itself. Swami Atma is happy to find that in some places of the world there are actually organic villages, where people are living closer to nature, eating which is very fresh and lively. This kind of life itself makes one feel that their life is complete. So there is no more to add to nature. So now that we are using so much of plastic which is so harming, let us try to use the minimum quantity of plastic and support items that can be made from the nature. This will help us to be more environment friendly. Let us all be more friendly towards nature and thereby being very friendly with oneself.

This possibility to be now conscious about how we are living is mandatory, or there will be more diseases affecting the world. So what can we do? We can all try to share more about healthy food, the importance of drinking more water, cooking fresh food, doing certain exercise which are healthy for the physical body and for the mind, becoming connected with the creativity inside and also using more and more things in our home which are more connected to nature: clay plates and bowls, wooden spoons and many things that can be used from the nature: the bamboo basket, bamboo cup, leaf plates, beatlenut plates etc. This can be again part of the nature because they don’t have any residue. So welcoming you all to be part of this nature project, for a healthier and happier life.