The word Arsha is driven from a name of one of ancient Rishis( Sage)A so the word itself makes it clear about the philosophy about the mythology of the word. Swami Atma as mentioned in his brief introduction had a vision to create a place where people at large can have satsanga that is where people can share their hearts minds thoughts and silence.

It a school for people of all age groups can be benefited by physical mental and spiritual health. A home away from home, Swami Atma is a man of wider and clear vision of life. In his recent years he has helped people of all age groups with his medicinal ability and spiritual guidance.


  • To establish a school of satsang to disseminate the knowledge of yoga and Vedanta, irrespective of caste, creed race, language, nationality religion, where people from all parts of the world can get together for world peace and harmony.
  • To make a disease-free world through a scientific approach to yoga, homeopathy and ayurveda.
  • To propagate the simple remedies for diseases in homeopathy all over india
  • To provide and distribute medicines, clothes, food items for the poor downtrodden unprivileged people and children.
  • To hold inter-religious conference and seminars for religious harmony.
  • To establish training centres or societies for the practice of yoga, for moral and spiritual sadhna including different techniques of breathing mention in yoga , systematic postures and meditation.
  • to protect environment through helping with programmes like ganga bachao yojna make gange free, cleaning the roads as a drma yoga , afforestation discourging use of plastic etc.
  • to study and research subjects associated with organic farming.

  • To disseminate spiritual knowledge, ancient oriental and occidental, philosophy, religion and medicine in the modern scientific manner.
  • To develop self-confidence among people to build a carrier ad as a result a good life.
  • To hold spiritual alks based on various scriptures of ancient sages.
  • To encourage learning Sanskrit language.
  • To help and co-operate in the relief activities related to floods earthquakes epidemic breakouts droughts and other natural calamities and unnatural disasters,
  • To co-operate with other such institutions and organizations having similar interests.
  • To run educational centre and to help poor students and orphans by providing clothes, food, study material and things such as basic amenities when possible
  • To organize yoga camps in India in order to propogate the yoga training and vedic philosophy
  • To construt the buildings for boarding and lodging for those who are interested in yoga training.
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