Accommodation Arsha Yoga Dham

Set in the beautiful city of Rishikesh, the ashram of Arsha Yoga Dham speaks about simple living and high thinking attitude that can transform you to into a new being. The spectacular setting with a Himalayan backdrop and close proximity of the River Ganges, makes Arsha Yoga Dham respite from the city troubles for the students and guests. Abundance of nature with corners flanked by trees and plants, free flowing love & inspiration of the fellow mates and the beauty of the ashram simple architecture, woos every eye that rests on it. Build in a manner to offer comfortable living, we offer rooms to our students both on sharing or individual basis. Also, the rooms are spacious and airy enough to have a free moment with ample amount of space to walk around with ease. The bathrooms are attached and are equipped with hot water geyser. One can enjoy both hot and cold water 24 hours a day. The staff is at the service of the students is extremely helpful and cordial. Also, regular satsangs are conducted by Swami Atma in the beautiful hall, which is dedicated to this purpose.

Other Amenities Include:

  • Pick and Drop facilities
  • Wi-Fi services
  • Big Yoga hall
  • Canteen
  • Short excursions trips with guide
  • Medical assistance
  • Vicinity to the market and Ganges
  • Booking of trains, flights and buses


The yoga course requires the students to eat food that would grant lightness and flexibility to a students both mind and body. Therefore, the food prepared is light and healthy that can be easily digested. Prepared by Ayurvedic cooks with an expertise in preparing Indian food are employed. As per the instructions of the teachers, ample amount of raw vegetables and fruits is served throughout the day. Also, a certain intervals one can relish the herbal tea, juices or Indian Tea. The food that we eat directly impacts the moment of the body. With this ideology, the ashram follows strict vegetarian and half raw diet every day.

Weather Conditions

The prevalence of Ganges grants the town of Rishikesh a sense of relief all around the year, especially at night. But the weather conditions can get extreme. Depending upon your time of visit, every year one can witness extreme winters and the heat of the scorching sun. From November to March the weather can be associated to cold, whereas April is the spring time. May to June are extreme summers months with hot & humid climate. July & August are the monsoon months, with pre-monsoon showers sometimes in June as well. September & October is the time for pleasant fall time, where the temperature is moderate and allows a whole range of freedom.

Booking Conditions

Due to heavy flow of students all year round, we often recommend to call and reserve a place for oneself beforehand. The type of room can be chosen over the call itself. A minimum of 50% of the fee is to be deposited to book the seat and atleast a week before the course begins. Although under special circumstances, we might entertain certain requests of late fee or late admissions as well.
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