yoga retreat india

5 Notable Things about Best Yoga Retreats in India

During childhood, a lot of us yearn to grow up early. But as we grow up, childhood days seem the best days as there was less […]
Learn Yoga Philosophy

Learn Yoga Philosophy: Guidelines to Lead a Peaceful Life

Yoga carves out a blueprint for our mind and, chalks down the footprints that we should follow to lead a better life. Yoga philosophy came into […]

7 Yoga Poses to Ward off Depression

At certain points in life, the mornings are not as refreshing as the usual ones. Days start with apprehensions and end with emptiness and hopelessness. You […]
Yoga and Meditation

Boost Your Brain Function & Energy with 25 Minutes of Yoga & Meditation

To match up the pace of a crazy busy life, we work hard, both mentally and physically on everyday basis. This requires a lot of strength […]
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