5 Great Benefits of Attending a Satsang in Rishikesh

In today’s ultra modern technological world, man has reached to the moon and other planets, but where he still strives hard to reach is within his […]
Chakra Meditation

8 Simple Steps to Practice a Chakra Meditation

Have you ever wondered what connects your mind, body, and soul to interact and act as a single system? According to Hindu and Buddhist belief, we […]

The Most Important Facts to Know About
Spiritual Retreats in India

India is a land of yoga and spirituality. It is the very root of understanding and studying life’s energy forces through yoga, spirituality and meditation. So, […]

5 Reasons Why Plan Your Yoga Retreats in

Like ‘Fashion’ is to ‘Delhi’, ‘Ayurveda’ is to Kerala, ‘Gardens’ is to ‘Bangalore’ – similarly, ‘Yoga’ is to ‘Rishikesh’. Whenever we plan an excursion or a […]