Since time immemorial, ‘Music’, ‘Prayer’ and, ‘Spiritual Sayings’ have been the most inspirational methods to reach the spiritual presence of a person’s soul.  For the same reason, these methods have been quite helpful in re-establishing the connection of a soul with the corporeal self, and have also been advantageous in relieving a number of disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. For a number of people, mantra chanting is also a way to feel inspired in life, to restore faith and to reinstate their motivation in moving further. In order words, it is a way to revitalize the spiritual self of a human being.

‘Music’ and ‘Prayer’ amalgamated together instill a melody that forms a bridge which goes straight from the body to its soul and from the soul to the almighty. It opens doors through which one can travel to experience life beyond its superficial barriers.

In Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity – almost every religion — Music, Prayer, spiritual sayings by Saintly people, are combined together to form an assembly for all those souls foraying for a spiritual awakening in life. Traditionally speaking, Mantra chanting, i.e., Satsang meditation is the ultimate method to feel closer to god and the only way for the soul to feel eternal bliss.

When a soul begins to indulge in mantra meditation, it is delivered onto a meditative state of nothingness. The screeching gap between the ultimate super power and the powerless soul of a human being gradually begins to fade away into the chanting of mantra and, into the enchanting echo of the musical prayers and inspirational thoughts.

mantra meditation

Satsang Meditation brings together people of various backgrounds under one roof and under one ambition – whether one is a yogi, a religious personality or a spiritualist. The ambition is to experience that spiritual awakening and to reach the point where a soul feels nothing but love, hope, motivation and life in its purest form.

During a Satsang Meditation session, usually a disciple of God addresses the devotees and takes charge of answering all the unanswered doubts and questions that arise in a satsangi’s mind. This disciple of god is merely a messenger who takes an oath to help fellow humans find their way back to life. However, mantra meditation is not something that mandatorily requires external support or an expert advice. It is merely a way of expressing oneself to their inner self and their soul.

As a Satsangi indulging in mantra meditation, you are not bound by any rule or regulation. You just have to find that link that binds you with your spiritual self and puts you on a path for a truly enlightening experience.

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