What is Satsang?

The literal translation of the Sanskrit word Satsang is company of absolute truth. A place where the company of saints and sages is set with the motive of being in the eternal truth or unification with god is the real meaning of Satsangs. Chanting the names of Gods, this practice was incarnated in the Indian philosophy, and typically requires the practitioners to sing hymns, song, read scriptures, meditate or talk about the eternal truth by erasing the lines created by ego and the mind. A group of pious, spiritual or religious souls come together in harmony to chant the name of thee and rise above the ordinary living &mindset. Offering profundity and positivity, the students can even ask their doubts or issues with the revered gurus or saints, which are usually present in the Satsang setting. Many people come and share their gratitude for the gurus and even share their spiritual experiences and have some light shed on these experiences. When we get into company of the Satvik souls, the distractions caused in our lives by Rajasik and Tamasik elements are dissolved and what remains is the positive and the Divine consciousness (Chaitanya).

Significance of Satsangs

The company of truth offers an extensive range of benefits, while some are identifiable, others might take place in the subconscious mind but the fact remains, that these Satsangs offers respite in the heat of modern day pollution. A pivotal step in the journey of spiritual seeker, Satsangs offers a chance to clarify any spiritual or principle related doubt, which might be causing hindrances in the journey of the seeker. Also, chanting the name of the god protects the manomaya Kosha (mental body) and helps in deducting the negative karma in one life. Tuning the focus on the materialistic pleasures, when we are in deep trance of Satsangs we can touch the real and actual form of life, one should be living. It furthers helps in recharging oneself with the positive vibrations gained from the souls vibrating on the higher frequency and fills the pot of aural body with peace, tranquillity and harmony. Furthermore, the practice induces us to be more committed & vigilant to the path of truth and enlightenment.

Satsangs in Rishikesh with Swami Atamganananda Giri

The city of Rishikesh is immersed in the chants and songs sung by Swami Atamganananda Giri at the ashram of Arsha Yoga Dham. His discourses and Satsangs have become a daily ritual for many and attract souls from all over the world. A product of Shivananda Ashram and a follower of Swami Rama, he is an attuned soul with a keen interest for nature and eye for the mystic. The profound presence of Swmai Ji comes out in the open with free flowing voice in the beautiful name of god. A direct way the in the light of the truth and closer to the supreme reality, the Satsangs are filled with souls seeking his powerful blessings for their spiritual journey of life. Each and every soul in the ashram whether for retreat or teacher training receives the extract and positive vibrations from the Satsangs, as they form an inevitable part of our spiritual journey. The name of god is the truth and most of who are deviated from this truth, are brought to light with these sessions.
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