Spiritual Week At Arsha Yoga Dham

Retreat as the word denotes means to withdraw or move back or go to a quiet, secluded place where one can rest and relax. Living up to the true meaning of the word Retreat, Arsha Yoga Dham has created a week of spiritual retreat that will push the detox button and flush out all toxins in the body and the mind. Starting every week on Monday, the spiritual week ends on Sunday. Designed for all levels, for a traveller in Rishikesh to a seasoned mediator or an advance yoga practitioner, Arsha Yoga Dham will cater to all your needs. Encouraging people to take up yoga as a part of their lives, the seven weeks are light in practice yet heavy on food for thought.

Spiritual Week Highlights

  • Self exploration with Meditation
  • Learning easy poses to beat everyday issues
  • Pranayama classes to balance the breath & mind
  • Vedic knowledge with Yoga Philosophy sessions with Swmai Atmanandagiri ji
  • Singing of devotional songs and bhajans
  • Question and answer with Swmai Atmanandagiri ji

Objective of the Spiritual Week

  • To remove stress, tension and fatigue
  • To bring oneself a step closer to nature
  • To appreciate the sense of self love and compassion for the world
  • To know the body & mind better and clearly
  • To create a healthy and confident image of the self
  • To enjoy freedom from negative thought terrain

Syllabus Covered in the Spiritual Week

  • Vedic Text or Yoga Philosophy: the 5,000 year old art form has many secrets and tips for a healthy living. Also the rich history of yoga fascinates the common mind. Therefore, with a view to offer an insight on the yogic realms, Swami Atma will conduct Yoga Philosophy classes. These sessions would throw light on history, forms, types of yoga, mind, layers, aura etc. Also, it will talk in brief about the Vedantic knowledge preserved in Indian heritage.
  • Mantra Chanting & Sanskrit Words: Yoga goes hand in hand with mantra and Sanskrit names. We understand the curiosity contained in the common mind and therefore throw the light of the same for our students who visit us. This holds no religious significance. Plainly dedicated to embark a spiritual journey inwards.
  • Meditation & Yog Nidra: Relaxing the mind with the help of meditation & yogic sleep. We will conduct classes every day which will aid you in controlling the mind and allowing one to get free from the bondage of the negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga Yoga Classes: Yoga will be practiced every day, under the expert guidance of the certified teachers. We will be conducting both indoor and outdoor sessions of both Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. The asanas will be easy to understand, learn & perform so that you can perform them even after you go back home.
  • Satsangs & Question Answers session: In the divine presence of Swmai Atmanandagiri ji, we are happy to conduct Satsangs every day. We will sing devotional songs, raise the spiritual vibrations and practice healthy discussions between Swami ji and the students.
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