• Swami Ji...What a beautiful exoerience having you as my meditation and Gita teacher during my 200 hr YTT in Rishikesh. Your words and wisdom ..your compassion and unconditional love for all beings touched me to my very core. I also attended my first satsang with Swami Ji and still smile when I think of it.

    Peggy Leblanc
  • I was so lucky to meet Swami Atma when I visited Rishikesh and felt trust, a sense of connection and authenicity from the first moment on.

  • I met Swami Atma by luck. It was my firt time to Rishikesh, first time to India. I was walking alone the devine river Ganga, stop accidently in Arsha Yoga Dham for information of meditation class.

  • am so grateful to have been a student of Swami-ji. He was my meditation and philosophy teacher during my 200 hour in Pokhara, Nepal. During this time, I not only received some of the most profound teachings of my life, but I also got to know him as a person. He is genuine and full of love, a divine soul in my opinion. Thank you for everything Swami ji!

    Chloé Nanasi
  • Swami Atma is an incredible person who has guided me down a spiritual path. His teachings have helped me understand the value in quietening the mind and becoming aware of and observing the subtle energies continuously surround us. Without a doubt I carry his teachings with me on a daily basis. Not only has helped me personally but he has given me valuable tools to help others.

    Yogini Marie
  • I was very fortunate to have Swami Atma as meditation teacher in my TTC. Such grace beauty and simplicity in his teachings and much joy! Just sitting in his presence is enough! I would go back to rishikesh specifically to sit in his meditations! Love and devotion

    Rati R. Riccardi
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