The most enjoyable moments of life are the ones spent playing around filled with laughter and exuberance. Many of us wish to live those golden moments again but are restrained by different kinds of joint pains. The recurring pains have taken away the youthfulness of several individuals.Does it hurt to get out of the chair? Does an extra mile walk induce pain in joints? Possibilities are of a disease called arthritis. Arthritis is caused due to inflammation of the joints. It affects multiple joints. Arthritis is common in individuals at the age of 60 or plus but it can also develop in children, teens and young adults.

The main cause of arthritis is the reduction in the amount of flexible tissue known as cartilage. Arthritis causes pains, stiffness and swelling in joints that affects the daily activities of life. The simple act of walking seems to be painful due to arthritis, leave alone any other form of activity like jumping, kneeling and more. The pain of arthritis is common nowadays. It has been observed that arthritis can occur at any age be it a child or an adult. Arthritis has crippled the joys of several lives.

The cure for arthritis is found in advanced medical science that provides relief from severe pain and prevents further damage to the joints. Diverse remedies such as heating pads and ice packs soothe the pain and grant temporary relief. Surgery is another method to cure arthritis. The idea of surgery seems to be scary for most people and they are on a lookout for something more naturally effective. The last remedy for arthritis is found in the cost-effective, safe and natural method of yoga.

The yoga for arthritis is a result-yielding method that frees you from pain and discomfort. The system of practical aid will strengthen and tone your muscles around the affected joint that forms the core of arthritis treatment. Additionally, it will prevent the risk of injuries that will reward you wholly.

Here is a list of five best arthritis yoga postures:

Vriksha Asana (Tree pose): Stand erect and tall with feet placed together. Without twisting the left knee, lift up the right foot and place it on the left thigh. Try to balance the body weight on left leg. Make sure the foot is turned inwards and placed close to the pelvis. Hold the ankle to place the foot. Raise your arms above the head in prayer position with focused mind and try to maintain the balance. Once the weight is put on one leg, it tones the muscles of ankles, knee, hip etc. It improves balance.

Vriksha Asana


Setu Bandhasana (bridge pose): Lie flat on your back with legs stretched out. On an exhalation, try to push the back off the floor with feet placed on the floor. Use your hands to push the back for added support. Raise your body up in a manner that the neck and head rests on the floor and rest of the body hangs in the air. The pose will relieve you from pain and stiffness in the hip and spine region.

Setu Bandhasana


Gomukhasana (cow face pose): The entire body weight is put on the knees when this pose is performed. For individuals with severe arthritis, it is advisable to perform the pose in padmasana. Sit on the yoga mat with an erect upper body while the knees take all the weight. Bend your knees and place them on the yoga mat. Ensure the toes point in the downward direction and drive towards the ground. Bend the right hand at the elbow and place it behind the back. Take your left hand above the head with bent elbows and place it at the nape of your neck. Now, try to grasp your right hand. A great pose for stretching the neck and shoulders . It also improves circulation in the knees.



Trikonasana (triangle pose): Stand straight and spread the legs apart about 3-4 feet. Turn the right foot outwards with toes facing sideways and left foot slightly inwards. Raise your arms sideways and bend at the hip. Now, gently lower one arm towards the ankle of the right foot and raise the other arm towards the sky. Equally distribute the weight on both the legs and try to reach the ankle, knee or the floor with the lowered arm. The asana relieves pain in neck and shoulders. It strengthens the knees, ankles, legs, and chest.



Virasana (hero pose): Kneel down on the yoga mat with calves and top of the feet flat and thighs perpendicular to the floor. Gently spread the feet about shoulder distance apart and keep your knees together. The outer side of the thigh touches the inner sides of the calves and the toes are averted outwards. Place the palms on the knees. Inhale slowly and raise the arms up over the head. Remain in the pose for six complete breaths. Exhale and bring the arms down. The asana stretches the hips, thighs, ankle and feet. Improves circulation and relieves pain and discomfort in legs.


The above-selected arthritis yoga poses will relieve you from pain and discomfort which will result in easy mobility and rotational movements.

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