Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita states that “Yoga is a heightened sensitivity and awareness of all life around us and within us, and an outpour of love in reciprocation with life’s wonder and beauty.”

For as long as Yoga was introduced to the humankind, it has been vouched that when practiced amidst like-minded yogis and in contact with the nature, the benefits and realization of the discipline becomes heightened than anywhere or anyplace else. The core purpose of dedicating one’s life to the discipline of yoga is to find the oneness of us with the universe around us. Nothing can be more realistically termed as universe than the nature surrounding us – the earth, the greenery, the water, the sky, the sun, moon and stars.

Yoga Retreat in Nepal - Program Details:

The 7 days Yoga retreat in Nepal organized by Arsha Yoga Dham, under the supreme guidance of Swami Atmananda Ji, is dedicated to teaching yoga through the philosophies of Srimada Bhagvada Gita along with equal emphasis on the importance of connecting with the nature on this journey to self-discovery and mind-body-spirit balance.

Vedanta is one of the six schools of Hindu Philosophy which literally translates to “end of the Vedas”. It does not imply any specific doctrine or philosophy, rather it is a wide umbrella which engulfs several traditions, reflecting ideologies, and sutra emerging from various Upanishads. Any school, program, organization adapting to Vedanta studies comprises three major categories of study – the study of Brahman (the fundamental incorporeal veracity), Ātman / Jivātman (the individual soul or self), and Prakriti – the pragmatic world, transitional physical universe, body and matter.

During this 7 days Yoga and Vedanta retreat, attendees will get a chance to:

  • Return to Nature is to return to one's innate nature,
  • Learn about the philosophy of life through Bhagavad Gita correlation to Vedanta, and
  • Connect with the five elements through Pranayama, Asana and meditation there by uniting with the ecology at a physical and mental level.

The program will focus primarily on

  • The practices and teachings of yoga which can be applied to our daily life,
  • Knowing ourselves and the significance of why we need to know the self,
  • Understanding of the three gunas – Tamas, Satva, and Rajas and the various possibility of how a yogi can transcend gunas,
  • Returning to nature, and
  • Reasons why human beings have forgotten the music of nature.


The 7 days Yoga and Vedanta retreat has been organized in the quintessential town of Astam which is approximately 4 kilometres from Pokhara, Nepal. Also known as the gateway to the prominent Annapurna circuit, Pokhara is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal and was crowned so by the world-famous magazine National Geographic.

Food and Accommodation:

Attendees of the retreat program will enjoy shared accommodation in the Annapurna Eco Village in the traditional Nepali village of Astam. The stone cottages offer a feel a Nepalese authenticity with the comfort of all modern necessities. The rooms have attached bathrooms with hot and cold water and western-style toilets. Set amidst mesmerizing flower beds, majestic view of the surrounding mountains, and agricultural fields, the property also houses a huge dining area and beautiful gardens. Meals provided during the program will be 100% vegetarian and will consists of fresh daily local produce.

Date and Fee:

22th Sep to 28th Sep
Shared Accommodation.
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