Swami Atmajnanananda Giri

S wami Atmajnanananda giri, the founder of Arsha Yoga Dham was born on 20 sep 1970 in kochi. He was initiated from kailash ashram rishikesh himilayas in the year 2006 .he travelled for 4 years as a sanysa mendicant and as a student completed his yoga Vedanta course in 2005 from sivananda ashram rishikesh Himalayas and teachers training programme from Gujrat , sivananda ashram under the guidance of Adyatamandaji . in 2010 he did his one year yoga vedanta course from Dayananda Coimbatore under the guidance of the poojya swami Dayananda Saraswati. Swami Atma met Nitya chaitnya yati ( one of the great masters in south India) in the year 1992 ,he then later met his disciple Sudhi chaitanya in the year 1998, which changed Swami Atma life quite significantly .being a homeopath and certified naturopath he has also done diploma in and naturopathy he has been dedicating his whole services to fulfill his ambition that is to see the nature village .

Swami Atma was associated with Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh for nearly about 6 years . Where he was highly helped by spiritual guide Swami Veda Bharti and was inspiring for meditation to a number of people from India and abroad in the same institution during those years. After serving in the Rama Sadhaka Grama Insittution Swami Atma decided to live individually for which he moved to e place in Rishikesh better known as Swargashram Near Ramjhula . Here he decidied to practice his homeopathy for free to the need and the monks living ther.
In the past 6-7 years Swami Atma has become a tall figure homeopaty Doctor a Sanyasin and A spiritual guide. People from India and abroad come and seek his advices . Swami Atma vision is to unite people through satsanga yoga and meditation. He is striving hard to make people aware about the total personality by teaching about health, personal hygiene, environmental protection plantation cleaning the rivers epecially Ganga . He is an active and a vibrant spiritual teacher and is spreading spiritual knowledge wide over inidia and across the globe.
Since he left his home he has travelled widely in different parts of India and a few nations of the Europe aswell where he has already become an inspiration for the large no of aspirants of the . In this travels he got inspired more to take some inititative on his own inorder to help mankind and the whole nature in totality . for the same reason Swami Atma has decided to make a group of the like minded people to spread the awareness of better health and living in total. For the same reason he was inspired by one of his Gurus on the way of his spiritual life to strart with a open satsanga that is a place where people can know life better by sharing and caring for the nature.
In his recent years living in Rishikesh every year Swami Atma is organizing programmes with the support of the public at times to spread his vision of satsanga . he is promoting ideas for healthy and self dependent life. He is already helping poor and the unprivelleged and is serving his homeopathic consultations for th Swami Atma with his unique generosity and noble thoughts

Yogi Anil

A nil was born on 6th September 1981 in a beautiful Village Bhaderwah in the valley of Kashmir(Jammu and Kashmir) in a moderate typical Indian family. From his early childhood he was inclined towards the services for the mankind. Later in his life he got inspired from time to time in his life. Great masters like Ramakrishna parmahansa Swami Vivekananda and later with the life of Parmahansa Yoganda after reading one of the evergreen text written by a highly regarded yogis have set a way for him to live hereafter. He is a science graduate from his home town in jammu from GGM Science College and later did Masters through Jammu University and Ladnun Rajasthan in the decipline of yoga Science and Therapy. He is a strong believer of the decipline of Hatha yoga and Rajyoga. For the past 10 years he has been practicing the basics of yoga . The great work of Maharishi Patanjali has inspired him to the greatest extent and is transpiring the same from time to time when needed. From his early life he had the quest to know more about life and the life of the great masters monks He found his first inspiration in the form of Late Sh Dr Prabhat a highly renowned doctor and a great philosopher who himself lived and died as a yogi as well.

Anil got interested in the text of yoga through this great personality whom he calls his one of the Gurus . it was In the year 2009 when Anil decided to visit Rishikesh . In Rishikesh it was a move which stuck his feet firmly to walk further in life with a better understanding for the entire mankind. It was in Rishikesh where he met Baba g and Swami Atma who later became like a silent mentor in h is life and helped him to work on his individual mission that is to serve love and know this life. In Rishikesh after seeing Anil found that Swami Atma was already working on similar aspects of life Anil joined his objective and is now associated with his humanitarian work which swami atma is doing in the field of homeopaty and meditation. Anil has a simple philosophy about this life He is of the opinion that all of us were born without anything but when we die we carry a name with ourself that name should not just be word that should become a history

Sukra Chaitanya

Y ogi Sukra Chaitanya was born on 10th of may 1982 in Sambalpur Odisha in a moderate family. He got graduated in the year 2004 through Sambalpur university of jyoti Vihar Since his early childhood he was influenced by the works of great masters like swami vivekanda Aurobindo Swami Rama and Swami Veda bharti and other masters in his life. He was associated with Sri Aurobindo Integral Yoga and Education Society from the year 1996 to 2005 Since 2007 to 2015 he rendered his services in the association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Society International(Swami Rama Dhyaan Gurukalam. Yogi Sukra Chaitanya met Swami Atma in 2007 in the Swami Ramas Ashram in Rishikesh and found that they have similar ideas about life and became very good friends since then.

Ravi yogacharya

R avi born in a village on the banks of prayagraj one of the main holy and spiritual cities of India. Being born in a culturally rich family Ravi was inclined towards gurukulam life from his early childhood. It was in his later life that his father decided to let him move to gurukulam life ( india traditional schools ). Ravi did is bachelors and masters from the highly renowned and one of the oldest universities of India Gurukul Kangri university Haridwar He lived in the most popular ashrams like Shantikunj Haridwar Aarya Samaj and few others in different parts of India .He also did a two month course offered by sivananda ashram in Rishikesh. During his stay in these great institutions Yogacharya Ravi has rendered his services mentally physically and spiritually. Since 2014 Ravi is learning in the company of Swami Atma and is now a part of his programmes.

Maa Deepa

Y ogini Deepa, was born on 16th of April 1983 in Shimla (Himachal Pradesh). She did her early schooling and higher education from shimla itself . Then later in her life she decided to be a self dependant and started her own busiess. Deepa was inspired by the spiritual life of the monks from her childhood. After leaving her business she remained associated with some of the famous spiritual organizations in India. But her curiosity to know the pros and cons of the life kept her moving from place to place . Some years ago she finally decided to devote her maximum time in the spiritual city Rishikesh serving in the feet of the the monks and other mystics. Here in Rishikesh She met Swami Atma and Baba ji Whose life and simple living gave her a boost to her budding inspirations. Since 2014 she is living in Rishikesh . She is an active member of the mystic rose organization with her special laugter classes. She is teaching in different schools as a guest teacher in Rishikesh and other parts of India as well.

Neelofah Jahan

B orn in Haridwar on 27 january 1991Neelofer did here early schooling in bijnour uttarpradesh. After graduating from the university of Bariely Bundel khand Did her masters in yoga Through Uttrakhand Sanskrit University Haridwar in 2014. She has also done a teachers training and a yoga instructer programme in Banglore through Swami Vivekananda university. She has also done a 6 month holistic programme through Dav Sanskrit University Shantikunj Haridwar.Neelofer came in the contact of Swami Atma in the year 2015 and since then is a helping hand in the services which Swami Atma is rendering to the society at large. Neelofer is a dynamic and an optimistic young personality. She is a strong believer and a disciplined yoga aspirant. She is already devoting most of her life in the humanitarian activities.

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